About Us

ACL specialise in technology that  improves and enables human-robot interactions.

By focusing on device connectivity and communications, human-machine interfaces (e.g. Graphical User Interfaces) and AI solutions, we can improve the productivity of your robotic solutions and improve operator comfort and safety.

Products and Services

Applied Cybernetics offer technologies that can be integrated into your products and services to improve their operability and efficiency.

Interoperable robotics

  • Networked robotics
  • Standard operating systems and interfaces
  • Device connectivity and coordination
  • Scalable system of systems

Human robot interaction

  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Integrated Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions
  • Human Factors
  • Collaborative robotics


The ACL team have worked on a number of projects involving interoperable robotics and human robot interactions.

Interoperable robotics framework

Customisable standardised GUI

Augmented reality operations support tool

Task planning and support tool


Applied Cybernetics is an exciting company based in the Thames Valley area, who specialise in control and communications for robotics and AI. We develop and work with cutting-edge technology for improving how machines can work together with people.

Applied Cybernetics are looking for talented robotics and software engineers to work on a range of ground-breaking projects . We offer internships, contract and permanent roles.